Showcase's Critic's Choice

Cathy Richardson Band
Snake Camp
Bloody Nurse Records

    From the moment I put this CD in the machine I was taken on a poppy journey into rock-n-roll bliss. CRB is a mix of blues, a hint of country and a whole lot of
good 'ol rock-n-roll all united to make up a fantastic sound. I like music to inspire me whether I'm cleaning the house, relaxing or just looking for something fun to belt out at the top of my lungs. My current repertoire is pretty exclusive, but this gem has made it into the line up! Cathy's powerful  vocals pierce your ears and beacon you to join in. Her strong lyrics are sung with enough conviction to make it seem like she's experiencing her words the instant you hear them.
    Overall, this CD gets a big thumbs up. It moves, it grooves, it inspires, and the lyrics even deliver a message. Melissa Etheridge and Indigo Girls -lookout! Cathy Richardson Band is on its way up and this CD is a definite must have. -
Laura Kelly Kapala